Friday, January 2, 2015

Misery Does Indeed Love Company

grouch company

One lesson that has been driven home by perusing manosphere blogs and forums is that misery does love company. It seems like there is always some loser that either doesn't put in the work, constantly focuses on negativity, or were given an unfortunate genetic curse to the point that it is hopeless for them to attract women. While it is understandably difficult to cheer on others (especially others that may be adversaries) when one is losing, these specimens go out of their way to drag others into misery along with them. They will attack OPs that speak of their success (which is typically ineffective), or target neophytes that are trying to improve their game or take notes from successful people.

Essentially, what these miserable incel trolls do is take advantage of easy prey. Looking at one such example, the now-defunct, they were doing the exact same thing that they accused PUAs of doing: taking advantage of weak, vulnerable men that were unable to get any. The only difference was that while the PUAs may try to cash in by selling a bill of goods, the PUAHate brigade tried to completely destroy other men's chances in order to feel better about themselves while being virtually surrounded by others wallowing in misery.

There certainly is strength in numbers, so it is natural for people that face the same problems to join up and discuss their issues together. However, when these groups are only whining about the issues without trying to form an effective plan of action to deal with them, one must question the group. Such groups are not worth joining or dealing with and are best avoided. We see such parties in a variety of settings, be it aggrieved communities, social justice Tumblrs, and even on forums from those that are venerated as Alpha males. Yours truly is also guilty of doing this, and I am trying my best not to fall into this trap again.

When someone tries to crush your spirits or encourage you to join them in their tearful circle jerks, it is best to ignore them and continue upon your own path. This is not to say that grievances should be ignored, but it is to say that people that have no solution to deal with these grievances, and only want additional people to cry without taking any proper action towards solving the problem are best avoided.

keep your miserable ass away from me

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