Monday, September 7, 2015

Brony Weirdo Taxman Has a Point (Kind Of)

One of the YouTube users that I have been watching as of late is yourFriendtheTaxman. While not entirely educational, at least not in the fields that I am trying to dig into, his rants are often entertaining, in a "lulzy" sort of way. Essentially, Taxman is a racialist (as a surprising number of online nerds and weebs are) and a Brony that has become disillusioned with the madness of the real world, and believes that he will develop a portal into the My Little Pony world of Equestria.

In one of Taxman's latest videos (embedded below), he discusses themes from Don Quioxte de la Mancha (a classic that I will have to get around to reading one day, by the way), and focuses on how the titular character was happier when he was realizing his dreams of being a knight after years of taking on his responsibilities as a landowner. This boils down to one realizing their dreams rather than doing what society tells them to do and fitting the mainstream mold of success. 

Of course, in Taxman's mind, like in the minds of many other gamer geeks, online nerds, and other basement-dwelling types, this means escaping to the worlds of anime, cartoon bestiality, and vidya. I have firsthand experience with this since my specific attraction to Japanese women (as opposed to my general attraction to Northeast Asian women that I harbor today) was at one stage partially influenced by my childhood obsession with the Evangelion character Misato Katsuragi. I have also at one point in my life, embraced the L337 (or rather, NEET) gamer lifestyle, believing that there was no point to pursuing anything in real life, since I would always be rejected (in my mind). I cannot agree with this method of living, since it is just as empty as desperately seeking the approval of mainstream society and casting off our real dreams. At least in my case, gaming was a form of escapism from the real world, just as drugs are for dope fiends.

Misato Katsuragi Anime Hottie

I do agree with Taxman's point of pursuing our dreams and defining success for ourselves, however. There must be a balance, and we must adhere to reality, of course. We will have pitfalls. We will have obstacles. We may have to take jobs that we don't want to work in order to eat before our big business, record deal, or whatever takes off, but ultimately, if our dreams are attainable, we should not give up on them for the sake of others that will bring nothing into our lives. If anything kills our dreams, it should be us, if we decide that we want to dream of something else.

The powers that be on both sides of the political aisle tend to have it against the heterosexual Black man. Whether it is the SJW that labels masculinity as "problematic", or the White supremacist that wishes to stifle Black masculinity to keep the playing field under his rule, both sides would rather people like me work under them, pay taxes, maybe hook up with an unattractive female (or tranny), and die, accomplishing few if any of my goals, and working to prop up their systems (for those that do not outright want me to be incarcerated or annihilated). It would not behoove me to march in line with either side, or take on their definitions of success for myself (which if followed, would likely bring them success and only misery to myself).

Keep after your dreams. Sometimes, we may have to take a break, and sometimes, the harsh reality is that our dreams will never come to pass, but you owe it to yourself to continue pursuing them (assuming that they are possible and somewhat based in reality, of course). To work, die, and get no pleasure out of life could be likened to slavery, and is mere existence, not life, at least in my opinion. China, here I come.

Speaking of accomplishing dreams, be on the lookout for my eBook, coming when it comes like Duke Nukem Forever did (but likely in December).