Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Duality of a Man

The Duality of Man - Full Metal Jacket Reference

I really do not like going on and on about myself in blog posts or other content that I create. I prefer to write about things that may help people, or at least commentary on different occurrences or patterns. However, I am probably the subject that I know the most about, and I will attempt to analyze one crucial aspect of my existence on this Earth. Hopefully, this analysis will be of some value to some of you readers.

I am a heterosexual Black man with Yellow Fever, as we have discussed time and time again. I am only attracted to Japanese (not Okinawan), Taiwanese, and Korean (with the occasional Vietnamese) 6/10 or better, weighing under 130 pounds (58.967 kg). Those that do not meet these criteria are not on my radar, regardless of how many Brothas tell me that I should "try Filipinas or Brazillians mayne".

Korean Bagel Soo
I like what I like, unfortunately, she does too and it ain't me.

Of course, I understand that not many women that meet my criteria would choose me, given that I am a Black man. In fact, it is this reality that was the primarily catalyst to my becoming more racially aware. Becoming more racially aware, acknowledging my position in the world as a Black man, and cross-referencing this reality with other information that I have ingested (from so-called "redpill" blogs and forums, to personal development books, to philosophical books, and so on) has led me to believe that complete racial separation of Black people from non-Blacks would be the best solution to our problems, and mutual inability to coexist peacefully and freely.

This leads to an internal conflict. Do I pursue my desires, and likely end up losing, or do I devote myself to the service of my race and live a life of misery, with celibacy or companionship with women that I am not attracted to? Given that I am really only against the current system of racial hierarchy since it prevents Black men from pursuing our goals and our pleasures, it would almost be self-defeating to do so, although it would be in the better interests of my race.

On an individual level, I cannot live a life deprived of pleasure, but given my race in this system, this will likely be the outcome either way. The internal conflict rages on, and I am unable to commit myself fully to either side. Thus, I seem wishy-washy. I say and do things that are contradictory, such as tweeting about how Black men should not waste time pursuing relationships with members of other races, while moments later showing my dick on WeChat to a topless Chinese woman, telling her how I am going to cover her face with my seed when I return to her country.

I have come to the realization that for the betterment of the Black race, people like me are going to have to be written off or liquidated eventually. Either our "overlords" of other races are going to do us in, or we are going to be left behind if and when Black people finally decide to have our own as a collective. Our exposure to and dealings with other races may be useful temporarily, and occasionally, some of us may get a pat on the head or better yet some head from a non-Black woman (let us hope that she is not one of the grotesque ones that Black men are generally relegated to), but in the end, Black people that feel the need to integrate in any way are likely going to go the way of the dodo. The only outcome of integration for the Black man is "Triple D's" - Disappointment, Depression, and Death.

Malcolm X Racial Separation

I am what I am. I have no shame in wanting what I want and going for it. The only shame, in my opinion, is that it is nigh impossible to attain. I made my bed, so I will have to lie on it. Hopefully, before I depart this plane of existence, a few more Northeast Asians that are to my liking will share it with me. Beyond that, at the very least, I hope that some of my philosophical tidbits can provide some measure of value to Black folks that wish to truly forge their own destinies.

My advice for Black men is to give up all hope of integration, and strive to build your own with your own. If you are like me and do not see yourself living the life that you desire under these circumstances, then try to get what you want without completely selling yourself or your people out, but prepare yourself to live a life of misery, then die.

My book should be out by the end of this year. Be on the lookout for it. The link will be added once it is up and published.