Sunday, March 8, 2015

Simp of the Year 2015 Nominee: Pratt, AKA 小Chief Keef

It's only March and we already have a nominee that looks like he might take the title of Simp of the Year 2015. A teen known as Pratt of Ohio flew 7,000 miles to China in order to meet his dream Chinese princess that he met online. He never ended up meeting her, got his phone blocked by her, was left heartbroken, and nearly died after getting drunk and falling into a river. Wow, and I thought that my episode with a Chinese woman was bad; this takes the cake!

Chief Keef Goes to China

As a Black man with Yellow Fever and experience living in China, this story resonates deeply with me. It is no secret that Chinese women don't really care for Brothers in general, and that China is a playground for just about any kind of guy but us (Chinese women are also playthings for any kind of guy but us in America too; shoutout to Miami), but the issues that this young man dealt with likely run much deeper than that. I will offer my analysis, as well as a few tips that can prevent you from ending up being a nominee for International Simp of the Year:

1. Social Isolation

Black men that are attracted to Northeast Asian women face social isolation, and thus may lack the experience to pick up on social cues or online trickery. Since we do not want to spend our time chasing White girls (typically of a chunky variety), Latinas, Sistas, etc. like most Black men seem to pursue (and in many cases, force you to pursue if you keep company with them), we lack the real-life friendship of other Black males that could coach us in some basics of the Game, or hell, just people that can hip us to some common sense. We do not associate with non-Black men since they're scoring all of the Chinese women when we cannot, and many do not want us around anyway. This leads to a life with little social interaction, so alarms that would go off in other people's heads do not ring in ours due to inexperience in the real world.

There is no hard solution to this issue, but getting out, even stepping out of the comfort zone in small doses would have helped this guy to at least get a bit of experience in dealing with social cues.

2. Oneitis

It seems that this guy became fixated on one Chinese girl. That can happen, especially if you come up in an area where there are few women that appeal to you, and in the case of race, knowing that few Chinese girls are going to be interested. However, given that he had some rudimentary knowledge of the Chinese language and made it all the way to China, I am sure that he could have made something happen with a passable Chinese lady if he had gone to a bigger city. I'm not a super-duper White guy or light-skinned prettyboy, but I had my share of cues and girls outright stopping me in the street to talk, take pictures, or whatever, with some of these encounters turning into lays. I am sure that he could have pulled something off given the right location and some time.

The trick here is to always be on the lookout for something new. When you are a Black man in China, you have to do this. Yes, you may have been told by prudish Chinese women that they want to find that one Prince Charming, or you may have something in your mind telling you to fight against the stereotypes that Black men are womanizers. I had the same mentality when I first went to Japan, and I probably missed out on a lot of fuckin' that I could have been doing. Black men, you're always going to be judged against in Asia (this entire world, actually), so you might as well at least get some poontang out of it, and the White guys and local Alphas that are the biggest womanizers out there in the Orient are still going strong having women paying for their own abortions only to get passed around by the same dudes a week later. As I have said in a previous article, you should Always Be Playin' (this applies to jobs and business opportunities too, not just women).

Like it or not, for a Black man in China, the Player Mentality is a necessity. I know that some of you reading this want that one Chinese princess, not a harem of concubines, and that's cool. You don't have to bang or even aggressively flirt with every girl that you come across, and you can be loyal. You can be very subtle about it; feign disloyalty to ensure loyalty from her. I recall walking down the street in Guangzhou with a special lady friend of mine, and my eyes could not help but wander at all of the lovely ladies there (that's that Yellow Fever for you, coupled with years of living in America among the landwhales). My girl noticed this, and hugged up against me to keep my attention. Once we got back to the hotel, she made sure that my nuts were on E too. It is no secret that women tend to gravitate towards men that other women are choosing, and there is also the idea of being the prize in some of their minds, being the one woman that can satisfy all of the needs of the man that has seen or has been with other beauties.

3. Virtual Target Fixation

This goes along with the Oneitis issue to a degree, but there is also the issue of dealing with people online. Even super-duper White guys have fallen for the trick of "catfishing", but the difference is that there would be women lined up to help him get over the online girl by getting under him; when you're Black, this is not guaranteed.

Personally, I have used and I encourage the use of online communication tools to pipeline before going to a new location if at all possible, but try to meet a few people in the location first; this is especially necessary when you're Black, since nine out of ten Chinese women will probably not give you the time of day, but five out of ten will lead you on to get free English lessons or get your help proofreading an application so that they can get the White and Latin dicks that they really want shoved down their throats in Miami (or Toronto, or wherever the hell they're going). Use the tools to your advantage, and don't be the tool yourself.

Dear readers, I hope that this article will help you avoid some of the pitfalls that are out there, especially my heterosexual Black male readership with an interest in Northeast Asia. Good luck, and I hope that I will not have to nominate any of you for Simp of the Year.