Friday, May 22, 2015

Top 5 Strange (Potentially Life-Threatening) Behaviors from Chinese Girls

The recent news of an African student being attacked with his Chinese girlfriend has prompted me to reflect upon certain strange instances that I had with Chinese girls. Looking back, I probably could have ended up in a bad situation due to some of these girls, but I got lucky. I'd like to know if anything similar has happened to any of you guys reading this, and your interpretations of these behaviors.

5. Picture Time at Changsha-Nan

I ended up spending extra time in Changsha since I bought the wrong train ticket, but in retrospect, I am very happy that this mishap happened. The day that I thought that the train was supposed to leave was the day that I met one of the girls that made Changsha the best city for my adventures with the opposite sex in China. I noticed her staring at me, and I decided to stare back, as I was getting tired of being stared at. She came over and wanted to talk and take pictures with me, which was innocent enough in my mind. We consummated our short-term friendship by having a fling that night in a nearby hotel, naughty, but not exactly strange.

The strange part is that she posted some of the pictures that we took together on social media. Immediately, there were dozens of comments in the stream, some of them outright racist, and many of them overtly sexual, despite the fact that she did not post anything about us having sex. Either this shows the mindset of some people, or she does this often like The Weekend and her friends know her well. At any rate, given the stories that I have heard about foreigners (particularly Black ones) getting beaten and even killed over innocent pictures with Chinese girls makes me thankful that she deleted the photos.

Changsha-Nan Station

4. "Welcome to Xi'an"

One of the nightclubs that I visited a few times in Xi'an was Tian Que, which translates to "Heavenly Palace". The decor of the club was amazing, modeled after traditional Chinese architecture, but the clientele at the two-story establishment was not my cup of tea, and both nights that I went were sausage fests. Running my usual game of dancing and having fun, I met a fellow that invited me over to his table for drinks; I obliged having no qualm with free beer. His friends at the table consisted of about a dozen guys and two women, one a bit on the chubby side and the other decent-looking, but with dyed blonde hair and blue contacts. I was introduced to the girls first, and a really skinny, nerdy guy was introduced as the blonde girl's boyfriend.

The unnaturally blonde girl told me "Welcome to Xi'an" as a toast. She then started stroking my cheeks and took my face in both of her hands saying that she wanted to welcome me to Xi'an again and again. The boyfriend was getting visibly pissed, but the original "friend" that invited me to the table said that it was OK. A few minutes later, this original friend paid me 300 RMB to leave the club. It's no matter; I had received a proper welcome to Xi'an a week prior.

Tian Que in Xi'an

3. Getting an HJ Among Friends

As you may recall, I wrote about a girl dubbed "D^2" in a previous blog post that gave me a handjob in the club. The thing is, we were surrounded by her friends, and if any of those Chinese guys would have had a nationalist awakening, it would have been trouble given our compromised position.

2. Karaoke

One night I met a girl coming out of a club that really took a liking to me. She invited me to go to KTV with her and her friends. This night didn't end with any action for me, but I ended up meeting her boyfriend who was called to sing one song with us. This could have been a ruse, but at least I got to slow dance, sing a bit, and enjoy a night out on someone else's Mao. The boyfriend wasn't an intimidating guy, and in fact, he did not even hug, kiss, or sit close to his girlfriend. The greater danger was the group of thuggish-looking Chinese men eating barbecue outside that stared at me like they wanted to tear me apart since I had three Chinese girls walking with me.

1. A Proper Welcome to Xi'an

My first lay in Xi'an was one that could have gotten me into serious trouble. On my first night out looking for a club to go to, I actually found the club just minutes before closing. I did not get to partake in any of the activities (or lack thereof) in the club that night, but the "afterparty" held just outside of the entrance was far more festive. I met people that I would continuously run into, mainly at the clubs, during my stay in the city. One of these people was a petite, fashionable young lady that was dating one of the dancers at the club.

This young lady took an immediate interest in me, but it was not overtly sexual. This was totally understandable since some Chinese people tend to be interested in foreigners, and the younger ones are occasionally interested in Black people as well. However, when I told her that I was from America, she suddenly got the urge to hug me and proclaim her love for me. This angered her boyfriend, of course, who grabbed her and started pushing her to the ground. Each time the girl got up, she came over to hug me, and each time, the boyfriend grabbed her, accosted her, and threw her down, with their other friends acting as if nothing strange was happening at all.

Since I had heard about stories of foreigners trying to protect women getting beaten by hordes of Chinese men, I was not inclined to make a move to stop this. I simply gave the girl a look that conveyed "Hey, you're already dating, don't get yourself and me into trouble," and gave the guy a look to convey "Hey, I'm not trying to take your woman, check her! Take her home!" The boyfriend ended up storming off and taking a taxi home, leaving the girl alone with me. Since she did not have a place to stay, I brought her over and she gave me a proper welcome to Xi'an.

I ended up seeing this couple a few times, and they acted as if nothing happened, even inviting me to their table for drinks on occasion. Looking back at it, I am lucky that I did not catch an ass-whipping.

Has anything strange like this ever happened to any of you? I look forward to reading your comments.