Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hypocrisy and the Game of Power

When we are brought up as children, we are taught to do what is right and just for the benefit of society. In other words, we are taught to be moral. Growing up, we often encounter others that claim to do what is right, but behind closed doors (and sometimes, right in our faces) they will take action contrary to what they supposedly stand for. This is hypocrisy, and it is a major tool in the game of power in contemporary society.

Whether we are dealing with the White Nationalist that claims to promote racial purity, but cannot keep his mushroom tip out of Asian and Latin sugarwalls (all while telling the world that it is a sin for Black men to get any), the liberal social justice warrior (SJW) that claims to stand up for the equality of people with all sexual preferences, but slams the evil, cisgendered heterosexual male, or the preacher that tells his congregation to separate from their worldly possessions and tithe so that he can purchase a new Cadillac, we must be aware of the game that they are playing. You cannot deal with these types using logic, even their own logic, since they and their followers will strike you down. They do not care about following their paradigms and only wish to stifle you, mold you to fit their needs, or smash you as a competitor.

The hypocrite claims to play by the rules, and in some cases, may enforce the rules, but in reality, they break them while pointing out others to be scapegoats. Their prime targets are those that do wish to play the game by the rules and act right. Those that are overly conscious of breaking the rules, and those that are overly apologetic are easy victims of the hypocrite.

These days, it seems like everyone is a hypocrite. It is OK for them to take an action or make a statement, but if a member of the opposing team does the same thing, then it is evil, wrong, and the opposing party should be ashamed of themselves. There is no escaping this reality, for better or worse, so be mindful of it, and try to manipulate the playing field in your favor. If it is alright for them to take such actions, and they refuse to put an end to their lies, then feel free to use the same tactics for the benefit of your side of the conflict. Remember that mutual unfairness is as close to fair as life gets. When it comes to online arguments especially, it is best to simply ignore the hypocrite and go about your own way.

In real life, dealing with hypocrites is much more difficult since they may be in a position to take action that would have a direct effect upon our lives. If the offender has power over you, you may have to put up with the double standards, at least until you can attain power through other methods and end up on top. If you can, try to distance yourself from this entity. Keep in mind that power may give the offender a "halo effect" of sorts, making them look wholesome as they claim, while you are labeled as the bad guy. This simply illustrates the importance of gaining and keeping power for yourself.


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    1. Thanks. I appreciate you reading it and your comment.

  2. Haha. I like how you pointed out one of the few inconsistencies within the white nationalist movement. They're for white nations only, except when non-black coons (Asians, Arabs, Indians, spics, etc) are involved. I especially love how they lose their minds when a grown white female is a snicker-licker, yet they're allowed to trounce through Asia sodomising children -- fucking nine year olds and shit. I don't even bother with them. Whenever I see one, I laugh, shake my head and move on. As for me, I'll date who I want and fuck who I want. If anyone takes issue with that they can come see me. Fuck with me and you'll get skinned alive. I don't play that shit.

  3. Exactly. They're not worth wasting your time with, especially with online arguments and "debates'. That's time better spent on building for self.