Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wake Up: It's the First of the Month

It's the first of the month, and that means that it is time to reassess your goals. If you made any New Year's resolutions back in January, then you still have two months to get back on track and try to make those changes. Let's try to finish this year strong.

Use whichever tactics you find necessary to get your goals done. These can be affirmations, setting higher goals and falling short at your real goal (or maybe even reaching your lofty goals, you never know), tackling your objectives piecemeal, or whatever other methods you may have to keep your targets in mind and get things done.

My personal goals for this month are as follows:

Make $500 Online

This can be by freelancing, from ad revenue, or other means, as long as I make $500 or more. This money will go towards my travel to China next year and should not be touched for any other reason.

Read One Personal Development Book

I want to read at least one personal development book from cover to cover this month. It may be a shorter e-book, but I at least want to finish one as long as it provides information that can help me out in my life.

Blog at Least Once a Week

It looks like I am already off to a good start with this goal. I want to write at least one blog post per week, either on this blog, my fitness blog, or my tech and gaming blog.

Regularly Comment on Other Blogs

I hope to communicate more with other bloggers in my niches, so I will be commenting on more blogs this month. I plan to comment at least five times a week on different blogs.

I will be keeping these goals in mind all month and striving to accomplish them. I urge you to do the same, then reflect upon your progress at the end of the month. Let's finish strong, people.

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