Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Opinion on the "Blue Pill" and "Red Pill" as of 11/23/2013

Alright, I'm going to be jotting this down between rounds of the Pacquiao vs. Rios fight, so bear with me.

As per my understanding, "Blue Pill" in the Manosphere refers to those that tow the party line of the Liberal Left. These people believe in faux "equality", "social justice", and other such things, and of course, tend to be ardent feminists that believe that women can do no wrong and men are the root cause of all evils on Earth (of course, this may be exaggerated, but you get the drift). Many of these beliefs appeal to non-Whites and Beta males because nobody wants to be a designated loser. These beliefs offer hope that the world can change for the better from the perspective of the loser, so losers flock to them for their placebo effect.

On the other hand, the "Red Pill" is a set of beliefs that is more akin to the Right of the political spectrum. Of course, there are more masculist beliefs here, but there are also some strong White supremacist leanings. The winner must always win, and those that are losing should be happy to be losers. Of course, this turns off a lot of Black men for obvious reasons, and may even lure us to the "Blue Pill".

The solution to this issue is to take neither. To extend the metaphor, both pills have things that taste good in them, and both have nutrition to them, but they are both fatal. To swallow either will lead to death, whether it is mental, social, spiritual (not talking about religion, but morale), or even physical. Instead of taking these packaged pills, take ingredients of both and eat organic, or manufacture your own. What this means is that you should take aspects of both philosophies that will benefit you and create your own.

Rios got pwned; that was quite a surprise. It was an entertaining fight though for sure.