Monday, November 18, 2013

It is Not Cool to be a Nerd in 2013

I was an academic nerd growing up (to an extent, I still am). In junior high and high school, I had absolutely no luck or skill when it came to women. Most of my teachers, and even my parents taught me that it was OK to be a nerd, and that things would get better as I grew older. They were correct, but only because I decided to shed (a substantial amount of) the nerdy persona (and because I took a trip to Japan back when Black men were popular there).

Perhaps a couple of generations ago, the nerds would have the last laugh as the jocks chased their athletic dreams, fell short, and ended up working some low-tier jobs while the nerds called the shots or got higher-paying occupations like doctors, lawyers, programmers, etc., but these days, that doesn't seem to be the case. The nerd that lacks social skills will end up having a lot of smarts that are will not be utilized, or will be underutilized while the attractive females and Alpha males will get first dibs, even if they aren't as skilled or brilliant. With the amount of information at our fingertips due to the Internet and the advent of smartphones, the nerd that would spend hours searching for and reading books has become obsolete now that information can be accessed by laymen in mere seconds.

Worse yet, this technology has made "self-medication" a lot easier. No, I'm not talking about drugs and booze, but the vices of the nerd: games and pornography. Both of these offer an escape from reality, and both of them can become a routine to the point that the nerd will not do anything to improve their life, whether it's learning to socialize, hitting the gym, or even perfecting their craft. This makes it even harder to find success in life as a nerd.

Yes, there are exceptions. If you are a nerd and you're going to create the next big thing, then your money and fame will make up for your shortcomings (just don't get played). Still, you can't fall for distractions and "self-medication" if you want to reach that level of success. The nerd that is a genetic Alpha (or the White nerd that moves to East Asia) may also come out on top. The common geek that is a gamer, whacks it, watches anime all day, and only takes breaks to study, eat, and sleep probably won't make it too far in life (not just with women, but in life period).

Don't get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with studying and perfecting your craft. There is nothing wrong with being intelligent. In fact, these are things that you should strive to do and be. You just have to be able to utilize these things to your benefit, and unless you are one of the few people that can do it alone, you will have to be able to interact with others.

My advice to the nerd is to hit the gym. Going to the gym will force you to get out more, put you in more social situations, and help you to improve your looks, at least somewhat. Learn a little bit of what they call game, but realize that game is not the end all. Read more, and not just comic books, manga, video game walkthroughs, and your academic subject matter, but read history and philosophy, especially that which directly applies to people like you. All of these things will help to change your life for the better, and help you to integrate with society in order to get more out of life.

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with being academically intelligent, but what good is it if you cannot share it with the world, or use it to get what you need out of the world. Now, if you are one of the people that can survive completely isolated from society, or if you prefer not to engage in socializing, then I guess it's alright to be a hardcore nerd, but if you want to be social, then you must develop the skills, like most things in life. Good luck.

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