Thursday, April 17, 2014

Three Steps to Stop Being a Social Degen

Gaming used to be a huge part of my life. I would spend hours in front of the computer, yelling at teammates and adversaries alike, blowing away pixelated foes while letting real life pass me by. I would never socialize in real life, and I skated by making money online (nothing wrong with making some cash online though). I was the image of a social degen.
Me a few years ago, except fatter and White.
I've since turned my back on this degenerate lifestyle, instead seeking to be more proactive in living a successful life. Here are three steps that I have taken that may help some of you:

1. Start Hitting the Gym

Not only will a good exercise program help you to gain muscle, shed fat, and build testosterone, but it may also help you to build your social skills. If you work out at a gym frequently enough, you will probably end up making buddies with some of the regulars there. You may learn some new workout techniques, and improve your abilities to socialize. Just keep your own fitness goals in mind.

2. Ditch Your Old Friends

Your old friends probably have some of the old habits that you are trying to break free from, and it is likely that they will also try to drag you back into your old ways. You may not have to write them off completely, but if you have goals of your own that you are trying to accomplish, remember that your objectives take priority.

3. Change Your Style

You may want to change your wardrobe a bit. Try to keep up with some of the latest styles, and wear clothes that fit your body better. If you have been putting on visible muscle mass, you may want to show off some of those upper pecs, to make the ladies pay the checks. Expanding your horizons and learning new languages, new skills, and other things may help as well. Finally, learn to control your voice and practice your elocution. When it comes to learning and diction, there are many free resources that can be found online; just cut an hour a day out of online entertainment and other non-productive activities.

This type of wardrobe change is unnecessary.
These changes have helped me tremendously, and I think that they will help you too. Modify them as you see fit, and keep learning new, applicable things to improve your own life. Good luck.

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