Friday, July 17, 2015

Chinese Women vs. Japanese Women: On Money

It is often said that money cannot buy love, but is this really the case, especially in Japan and China? Asian women are often stereotyped as being some of the worst gold diggers on the planet. Based on some of the stories that I have heard, I would think that Asian women can indeed be gold digging, or at least status digging (ask any White boy that travels to Asian with only the shirt on his back) but this characteristic can be found in just about any race. In my personal experience, Asian women have not been particularly gold digging (maybe that would change if I married one of the women that I dated; things often change once the ring is on the finger). In this post, I will talk about the issue of money when dating Japanese and Chinese women from my anecdotal experience.

Yen Yuan Symbol

Japanese Girls:

Japanese girls that I dated did not seem to make a big deal about money, whether they were on the lower or higher end of the economic standing (well, middle class, at least; I've never dated a super rich girl, although I did date one that ran a juku). On the other hand, I did encounter "Eigo bandits", girls that would date me just to learn English and get a meal, and then would never be heard from again.

Chinese Girls:

Chinese girls get a bad rep for being the biggest gold diggers on the planet, with money being the god of their country. There does seem to be some truth to this, but in my experience, I did not encounter any gold diggers. I was told by a good friend of mine that Chinese girls expect men to pay on dates, but I have had Chinese women pay for me, or we'd take turns paying for things. Sometimes, it seemed as if Chinese women were making an initial investment though, with the expectation that yours truly would be paying them off in the future like a 401K. Let's just say that the taxing [of that ass] was not deferred. Chinese women also seemed to have more respect for money and my time, and would have the courtesy of at least paying for dinner when it came to "English meetups". Perhaps things would be different if I went to Shanghai and dealt with the "princess syndrome" women that the city is known for.

Gold Digger Meme

While I did not encounter any gold diggers, I did not come off as if I was a hobo. Being dressed relatively well may have put the thought in their minds that I at least have some money. Also, the fact that money didn't seem all-important does not mean that Asian women are seeking broke dudes, especially not broke Black dudes. By all means make, invest, and save your money, but don't do it just to let a woman (of any race) take it all.

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