Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Racial Divide: The Need for a Black Manosphere

depressed black male

Anyone with any senses knows that Black men and White men (as well as other non-Black men) face very different issues when it comes to dealing with women. For the average White man, all that they have to do is fall off of a plane somewhere in Asia to go from zero to hero overnight. In the case of Black men, yes, we can have some success, but that success is not guaranteed. Perhaps there is Brazil, the Caribbean, or Africa, but even then, there are other issues that Black men must face that other races can skate around.

It is no secret that a great deal of the manosphere is geared towards White men or other races that can pass for White or can say "at least I'm not Black". With that being said, Black men are often met with hostility, or stories of White men conquering places and women that a Black man could not even dream of. If a Black man were to even think of succeeding, he is discouraged. If a Black man finds even a scant amount of success, he is demonized from his so-called redpill "brothers" just as he would be from an SJW. What we must realize is that this is competition, and from the White man's perspective, the Black man is their adversary, or at best, pawns.

Remember that time that I told you to only fight battles that benefit you? This is the time to put that advice to good use. What does it matter if a White guy gets banned from Australia for feeling up Japanese girls? I am a Black man that likes Japanese girls, and he is only out for White men to enjoy them. Of course, the SJWs would not want heterosexual Black men to get full enjoyment out of our trips to Asia either, so why not just sit back and let them fight each other while building our own resources, media, and other solutions so that we may stroll to our prizes? Why should we do battle for White men to be able to have orgies in China like in Marco Polo (while calling us nigger) when we cannot even get a drop of tang, and will not be rewarded with a single concubine for our efforts? Why should we even offer them support or give them props when we are torn down by these very same people for even being seen in China?

black soldier with m1 garand

Brothers, and I'm talking to my Black Brothers that have any sense, it is time for us to really go our own way. Realistically speaking, we won't be setting up colonies or nations overnight, and sadly, we'll probably still have to go to their grocery stores for water, but at the very least, can we have our own forums? Can we have our own videos on YouTube for Black men addressing our issues? Can we at least ask a Black man that has been to Chengdu if we can get women there instead of asking the White guy that brags about how he can get chicks on the merit of being White?

The divide is here, people, and it is time for us to accept it. Time for us to stop trying to integrate (or be recruited) by movements, left or right of the political spectrum, that benefit us in no way. Time for us to form our own league, go for our own goals, and protect ourselves and our interests from our adversaries, just as they have done time and again. Let us strive for our own magnificence instead of praising that of others, or worse yet, attempting to contribute to it.


  1. Great article I don't agree with everything on it but I do agree that as "Brothers" we gotta create our own "Brand" so to speak the manosphere doesn't give a fuck about blacks sure you have a couple brothers there who rep for us but a lot of them are coons

  2. Great article. Succinct and poignant.

  3. The whole issue is socio-economic power.
    White men are only able to do what they do because they (white people) as a group have a LOT of POWER. i.e they "run" the world. White is associated with wealth, and when you have wealth, power & influence also comes along. That's all there is to it.

    Everybody knows that if it were up to just looks & manliness alone, black men wouldn't have had any competition AT ALL. A black man who's physically fit, is ALWAYS seen ss being more masculine, you can see that for yourself when they demonize black men in the media, ala Darren Wilson thinking that poor Mike Brown had "unnatural powers" etc..

    Once black people/men get their own wealth, once we get to a point where we are self-sufficient, and not dependent on the "white man" to employ us, the whole world will be ours for the taking. If you read "Nature knows no color line" and "Sex and Race Vol I, II & III" by J.A Rogers, you'll know what's up.. We're talking eastern traders leaving their women home, because they wouldn't let them come in contact with Africans, white women flocking to train stations (during ww2) to say goodbye to their African-American lovers etc.

    When you have power, wealth & influence (or if people perceive that you have that, by virtue of your skin color (white) ) you can influence the world in any manner that suits you. This is how & why white men are at the top. They have the media to ENFORCE their "masculinity" . All you have to do is to change that power-balance.

    1. Sorry for the very late response. You are absolutely right about the power dynamic. The question is, how, and when?

  4. If certain women of other races don't like you why do you care? Liking someone who doesn't like or respect you is WEAK as fuck. We have our own race of women so stop crying over other races of women.