Wednesday, December 10, 2014

There Is No Escape from Work

Street sign of success

In today's society, everyone wants quick, easy results. We see this all of the time in advertising, whether it is Six-Pack Shortcuts, quick and easy ways to make money (such as multi-level marketing or advertising partnerships), or even packaged pick-up lines to impress the ladies. Millions of people fall for systems that promise quick, easy success, only to be separated from their money and time, winding up in the same place that they were when they started these programs, or in an even worse predicament since they have thrown away their resources.

I am here to tell you that there is no alternative to working towards your goals (unless maybe you were born with great genetics or a silver spoon, and even in those cases, you would probably have to work to maintain what you have). Even if you enroll in an MLM (which I am not against, per se), you are going to have to do the ground work to build your network and reap the profits. If you subscribe to a workout plan, you are going to have to stick with it, and you might even have to learn how to modify it to get the fitness results that you truly desire. There is no guaranteed quick and easy route to success, as evidenced by those that have invested in these products and services, but have nothing to show for it since they did not get up to do the work.

We must also factor the reality of unfairness in the equation of success. There will be people out to stifle up-and-comers in order to secure their positions of power. There will also be those hawking their shortcuts, constantly looking for fools to separate from their money and their time. All of the complaining in the world (unless you are deemed “likable” or “useful” by those in power), like it or not, will not stop these things from happening or prevent these people from operating at the expense of others. With this, as well as the law of nature in mind, one must also factor in defense as a part of the work necessary to succeed. If someone has their foot on your neck, it is up to you to take that foot off and make sure that they can never do it again. If people are out to trick you, you must be wary of their traps, and ready to turn the tables in your favor when the opportunity presents itself.

Put in the work that you need to in order to strive towards your goals, and do it as soon and as often as possible. Remember that the world is cruel, and that there are entities that want to see you fail, so you must form your defenses, be they mental, physical, or otherwise, to stave off their attacks. Protecting yourself at all times goes beyond the boxing ring. Assuming that you are not my adversary, I wish you the best of luck, but your work will be the primary vehicle that will get you where you need to go.

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