Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Reasons Why Social Justice is Not For Heterosexual Black Men

In recent years, social justice warriors have crowded to the Internet in order to "promote awareness" and take part in virtual activism. Supposedly, these social justice warriors (or SJWs for short) stand up for the downtrodden, such as minorities, women, and homosexuals against the evil, oppressive heterosexual, cisgendered White men. Now, being a Black man, I most certainly do agree that White supremacy exists, it is global, and it is detrimental to my progress. However, much of the rhetoric spewed by SJWs would stifle the progress of a heterosexual Black man as well.

Their Problems Aren't Ours

Many of the problems that SJWs (mainly White women) talk about simply aren't ours. They do not go out of their way to help us along in life, so we do not need to waste our resources (including time, the most precious resource) trying to help them. The same thing applies to other non-Whites (referred to as "people of color"), gays, and to a degree, Black women. History has shown that Black people will stand up for other aggrieved groups looking for allies only to have them throw us under the bus when they do not need us anymore. I for one won't be falling for that trick anymore. It is indeed time for us to take responsibility and do for ourselves.

The paradigm that all injustices matter is only a marketing ploy to get people to jump on a bandwagon issue and allocate their resources to a cause that is not their own. The real world does not work like that, as history has shown us. The reality is that injustices and inequalities that are closer to home or have an affect on you or your group are going to be the ones that really matter. The problem with trying to think that all groups outside of the White, male, heterosexual, cisgendered group will naturally ally is that different groups have different goals, and in reality, these goals are often met by aligning with White supremacy and putting Black folks down or exploiting us.
But You Should Understand
Yes, I certainly do understand what it is like to be discriminated against and historically oppressed. I can turn that argument right back around to the members of other so-called aggrieved groups. At the end of the day, their actions will speak louder than their words. They are making real strides towards real power. I think that I will do the same, and I advise other Black men to do the same with no shame in their game.

You Aren't White, But You're Still an Evil Cisgendered Man

If you are attracted to attractive women, then you are objectifying women. If you have a particular taste in women (team #BlackWithYellowFever all day), then you are an evil fetishist. Never mind the woman that has a thing for K-pop stars, since it is OK for her to have a preference. Never mind the guy that likes to pack fudge; he was born that way and you have to understand. To top this all off, if you refuse to accept the advances of an overweight transsexual that prefers to go by the pronoun "zer", then you are promoting the evils of patriarchy.

I just do not see how a perfect, social justice utopia would bode well for a straight man of any race.

It Takes Time Out of Your Busy Schedule

Unless you are pulling in those SJW dollars from ad revenue or some other source, then participating in online social justice crusades is a waste of your time. Not only are your interests unlikely to be addressed for the most part, you are also wasting valuable time that could be used to produce something or hone a craft that will potentially bring about real tangible power, and thus, real justice.

The same applies to arguing with SJWs (and any other fanatic adversary, such as White supremacists, religious zealots, naysayers, etc.), especially online. They will always bring some of their buddies to the fray, and you will never get through to them. The only time that I can see a purpose in such arguments is in the realm of political debate if you are running for office and can actually have an effect on policy, or if you are trying to drum something up that you can turn in your favor (maybe like some of the troll posts that the fellows at RoK write). The best thing for you to do when "confronted" by an SJW or another opponent to your side is to push forward with your endeavors and only confront them when absolutely necessary for defense of yourself, your teammates, and the pursuit of your objectives.


  1. The fact is most SJW are white spoiled rich brats that would destroy the black culture if its against their point of view. At least they know their position when they get called out.