Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Excerpts from Xi'an: Up in the Club

This is yet another semi-response to a post found on VoyageToAsia. The author there talks about things that he does in China that he does not do in the United States. One of the items on his list is clubbing, which is a commonality since I only go clubbing in China (and Japan; I hope to hit the club at least once in Taiwan too in the future).

Of course, the most obvious reason why I like to go to the clubs in Asia, and seldom go in America is the women. I have a penchant for Northeast Asian girls, and really do not find American women of any race to be attractive. Also, despite anti-Black racism in the Asian dating scene, I find Asian women much easier to vibe with than Western women. There are a few other reasons why I prefer clubbing in Asia to clubbing in America though:

Free Drinks for the Foreigner

There was a stint in Xi'an where I was going to the club every night, in part just to get free drinks. Just about every night I went out I would get free drinks just for showing up and doing a few dance moves. If I just wanted to get buzzed for free, I could hit the club, drink on someone else's tab, and maybe make a few friends.

Nobody's Throwing Bows

In America, we always hear about people getting beaten, shot up, or stabbed in the club. There is no way I'm going to come out of pocket to have a slim chance to dance with women I'm not attracted to and risk being the victim of violence by some faux-Alpha that wants to impress his girl. Yes, violence has happened in Asian clubs, but is is far less common. Usually, the only holes I have to worry about going home with are those of a pretty young thang, not a 9mm.

Relaxed Dress Codes

With regards to foreigners, at least, we can show up looking like slobs and still get VIP treatment. Of course, this applies mainly to White guys, and there are clubs where Black guys or foreigners aren't even allowed in (although I never encountered that), but I got away dressing down when hitting the clubs. It felt good to stroll into the club for free with shorts and a plain white tee, whereas in America I'd probably be ushered away due to the dress codes. This probably varies from club-to-club, but in general, dress codes have never been an issue in my observation.

People Still Like to Have Fun

There are quite a few clubs in China where people will only interact with their own group of friends, and clubs where people are indulged in taking selfies, but there seems to be a higher ratio of people that just want to have a good time. In the States, people just seem to want to look cool or act tough, but in Asia club-goers seem to be a lot friendlier.

As always, your mileage may vary, but those are my reasons.

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