Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Duality of a Man

The Duality of Man - Full Metal Jacket Reference

I really do not like going on and on about myself in blog posts or other content that I create. I prefer to write about things that may help people, or at least commentary on different occurrences or patterns. However, I am probably the subject that I know the most about, and I will attempt to analyze one crucial aspect of my existence on this Earth. Hopefully, this analysis will be of some value to some of you readers.

I am a heterosexual Black man with Yellow Fever, as we have discussed time and time again. I am only attracted to Japanese (not Okinawan), Taiwanese, and Korean (with the occasional Vietnamese) 6/10 or better, weighing under 130 pounds (58.967 kg). Those that do not meet these criteria are not on my radar, regardless of how many Brothas tell me that I should "try Filipinas or Brazillians mayne".

Korean Bagel Soo
I like what I like, unfortunately, she does too and it ain't me.

Of course, I understand that not many women that meet my criteria would choose me, given that I am a Black man. In fact, it is this reality that was the primarily catalyst to my becoming more racially aware. Becoming more racially aware, acknowledging my position in the world as a Black man, and cross-referencing this reality with other information that I have ingested (from so-called "redpill" blogs and forums, to personal development books, to philosophical books, and so on) has led me to believe that complete racial separation of Black people from non-Blacks would be the best solution to our problems, and mutual inability to coexist peacefully and freely.

This leads to an internal conflict. Do I pursue my desires, and likely end up losing, or do I devote myself to the service of my race and live a life of misery, with celibacy or companionship with women that I am not attracted to? Given that I am really only against the current system of racial hierarchy since it prevents Black men from pursuing our goals and our pleasures, it would almost be self-defeating to do so, although it would be in the better interests of my race.

On an individual level, I cannot live a life deprived of pleasure, but given my race in this system, this will likely be the outcome either way. The internal conflict rages on, and I am unable to commit myself fully to either side. Thus, I seem wishy-washy. I say and do things that are contradictory, such as tweeting about how Black men should not waste time pursuing relationships with members of other races, while moments later showing my dick on WeChat to a topless Chinese woman, telling her how I am going to cover her face with my seed when I return to her country.

I have come to the realization that for the betterment of the Black race, people like me are going to have to be written off or liquidated eventually. Either our "overlords" of other races are going to do us in, or we are going to be left behind if and when Black people finally decide to have our own as a collective. Our exposure to and dealings with other races may be useful temporarily, and occasionally, some of us may get a pat on the head or better yet some head from a non-Black woman (let us hope that she is not one of the grotesque ones that Black men are generally relegated to), but in the end, Black people that feel the need to integrate in any way are likely going to go the way of the dodo. The only outcome of integration for the Black man is "Triple D's" - Disappointment, Depression, and Death.

Malcolm X Racial Separation

I am what I am. I have no shame in wanting what I want and going for it. The only shame, in my opinion, is that it is nigh impossible to attain. I made my bed, so I will have to lie on it. Hopefully, before I depart this plane of existence, a few more Northeast Asians that are to my liking will share it with me. Beyond that, at the very least, I hope that some of my philosophical tidbits can provide some measure of value to Black folks that wish to truly forge their own destinies.

My advice for Black men is to give up all hope of integration, and strive to build your own with your own. If you are like me and do not see yourself living the life that you desire under these circumstances, then try to get what you want without completely selling yourself or your people out, but prepare yourself to live a life of misery, then die.

My book should be out by the end of this year. Be on the lookout for it. The link will be added once it is up and published.


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    1. Another poignant and thoughtful post. You should really start a blog or write a book.

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  2. You really have some bad inner game, Grand Admiral. Thing is, I don;t know whether you are being a troll or are really sincere. It's not that difficult in Asia for black men, especially if you have some style and game. Hell, even 'red-pill" unaware black guys still do well in Asia. I've been exposed to your posts for a while now and you are just pathetic, man. You need to change the mindset.

    I'm not gonna comment much on your fixation for Asian women because I like Asian girls too. However, I strongly implore you to also carve other options/preferences because I can tell you are gonna be possessed by them. If you MUST date the specific type of women you have mentioned above, you'll need to put in the work because they are not easy. These are the upper crust of women lookswise for those regions.

    Do you even know Mandarin/Korean/Viet? Have you ever built a social circle in any of these places? Have you attempted to even be pre-selected by a girl's group? Have you increased the types of apps/clubs/street approaches you use to supplement your game? Do you have good logistics? Bro, if you haven't even considered these, you shouldn't be complaining.

    Yes, people are gonna be racist and give you resistance sometimes, but that's part of the game and part of the territory. On to the next one.

  3. Ah, I see. You guys are 'race realists'. There comes a point where a lot of this theory can be harmful. Whatever, I'm gonna go to China and have a bomb ass time.

    1. You make a good point as well. It is important to acknowledge setbacks, but focusing on them can paralyze us and prevent us from getting and doing what we can.

      Maybe I'll see you there (but probably not, I do my best hunting on my on ;)).

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  4. @TheGrandAdmiral wtf bruh? What kind of a black man are you? People like you and @DevinLundy (I'll get to you in a minute bro) aren't realists. You're nihilists. Your mindsets are so conflicting it boggles my mind. How can you as a human being admit on one hand to being inferior to other races but then refuse to even try better your status in life? What kind of a human being is content in the knowledge that they are inferior beings? It hurts to read your comments because you post on all sorts of forums trying to suck other black people into the black hole that you exist in. You aren't content to being the only person that realises their lack of self worth. You must drag the rest of us down with you. Into the depths of what I can only describe as a painful, empty, frustrated blue balled despair. Why don't you respect black women my nigga? You would rather actively seek out women who are similar in proportion to children? I know you'll encourage me to read more of your articles. To be honest they depress me. All you do is spout the same repetitive circular bullshit about how the white man has developed a system where he reigns supreme and how black people are doomed to the bottom. Its pathetic. More pathetic to your continued attempts to exclusively court asian women. More pathitic than the fact that your entire passion on the issue is based solely on your inability to get laid. @DevinLundy I'm sure you've read this entire message you seem to be fond of ridiculously long responses. Notice how simple the language I have used is? Notice how the addition of unnecessary tautology not only blurs the focus of your message but makes you look like an idiot who swallowed a dictionary? I disagree with TheGrandAdmiral you have no business writing books. In closing (this has gotten really long) I encourage you to give @MartinJohnsons response another read. Research some game theory. Attend some counseling if necessary. Find out the reason why you believe you have so little self worth and smash it head on!! Before anything else asian women are women. And no women will believe in a guy who doesn't believe in himself.

    PS : I would also encourage you google "gaijin hunters". You might find them interesting prey.

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    2. To be honest @BenLundy I made no assertion on the content/merits of your message. At all. Barring your periphrase, and perhaps most importantly the fact that you're enabling TheGrandAdmiral in his mindset that black people are somehow inferior to other races, I made absolutely no assertions on the content of your responses. Which you can interpret in one of two ways. That I have no problem with the assertions you have made, or that I don't care about them. I couldn't care less which one you choose you're entitled to choose both.

      Your comments are unassailable? Are you at the stage in your life where your opinions are informed to the extent that you are a god? Are you above criticism? Don't take this as a new line of argument. You admitted that I made no assertion on the content of your messages. Yet you found it necessary to explain to me how your messages are constantly attacked by trolls? Your unassailable responses are constantly attacked? I don't think you even needed to describe them as such. Even without reference to our current conversation they clearly are not.

      I'm sorry, the need to argue has made me go on a tangent about you in particular. But you responded and your comment was worthy of a response (ooh look praise).

      My comment on TheGrandAdmiral was meant for him alone to reflect on. If you were comfortable with your own opinions you wouldn't feel the need to try weaken it or make comments on it. You'll also notice I recommended he do some research on Game theory. This is because I have realised that he does not respect black women as human beings. You even made a comment earlier on how you have "standards and prefer non black women". Women are human beings with emotions, feelings, desires, ambitions and self worth. Who are you actually to assert that their value is inferior to that of non black women? Its ARROGANT. It's IGNORANT. It's insecure. It says far more about you than it does about anything else.

      To be honest at some point in perusal of TheGrandAdmiral I realised he is never going to change. Because that would mean admitting he is wrong. Instead I suggested counseling. I suggested research on Gaming techniques. Self-improvement. In my opinion the only thing that will change the way he views himself is if he gets laid by asian women he views as attractive. Its also why I believe his arguments are without merit. His stance is based on the frustration he feels in his life. Have you noticed how at no point in my response did I call you a wacko? Name calling doesn't help your argument in any way. It makes you seem petty.

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    4. @AshamedEven

      I know about Gaijin Hunters, as well as Kokujin Hunters. I have mentioned them on my blog, and in other comments. If you paid attention, you'd realize that I am indeed trying to better myself, and to a degree, advise other Black folks to do better.

      I haven't disrespected Black women. I am not one of the "Black-women-bashers"; I am simply not one of the "Black-women-smashers". So much for respecting your own people or trying to better yourself using the n-word and shaming Mr. Lundy for having a broad lexicon.

      "Before anything else asian women are women. And no women will believe in a guy who doesn't believe in himself." - This is solid Game. You can't win them all, but you're right here.

      As far as Black people being "inferior", I believe that we are in an inferior position, and that other races often view us as inferior, at least where it counts in my life. It may be possible that Black people are innately inferior, but I don't believe it.

      Perhaps I won't change. Perhaps you won't change. Perhaps we should disengage and go our separate ways.


      @Mr. Lundy Cheers. You put it more eloquently than I could.

    5. After some time to reflect I have decided to respond both you Ben/Yuri and Thegrandadmiral.

      @Ben likewise I've found your second response to my message more measured and thought out. Thank you.

      @thegrandadmiral as difficult as it was I have endeavoured to read as much of your posts and articles as possible in order to better understand you. It seems that as a result of your constant abuse at the hands of trolls you've become somewhat of a troll yourself. I must admit it played a large part in my initial message. In any event you both might find this article interesting.


      The article is humorous but at the same time chilling. In response to the points you both made I am not oblivious to the way black people are treated in our society. As a black man, living in South Africa I can only assume the only way I would not notice this is if I lived on the top of a mountain with no contact with the outside world. When black people are the cleaners, maids, caregivers, gardeners, homeless people begging for money and vast majority of individuals involved in violent crime its clear that society is broken. I just feel as though we aren't doing anything to help ourselves. How can we show the world that blackness is not a negative trait when we don't even want our own women? Black isn't a physical attribute. Black women come in all shapes, shades, sizes, looks, accents and physical attributes. To say you don't find them attractive makes you no different from a white person saying they are not attracted to black people. And explaining it as a simple preference, as opposed to the racial discrimination that it is. If that is the case then why even complain about racism? If you find certain black women grotesque, and you're basing that on their individual looks I can, not agree with, but definitely understand. But it seems to be based on their blackness. The same statement holds true for Asian women. Asian is not a physical trait. They are not all the same. Maybe you could give black women a try
      Maybe white, Indian or mixed race. Maybe you could do away with the entire concept of being exclusively attracted to NorthEast Asian women and just be attracted to women.

      Full disclosure I know you will be releasing a book soon. I know that the majority of "keyboard discourse" does not end in parties realising they both were ignorant and have learned from hearing other parties have to say. I don't want your work to be like that. So much discourse on this subject matter ends up being written off as unintelligible garbage because the person writing it allowed their personal feelings, perceptions, stereotypes, stigmas to affect the objective facts they present.

      I feel like a lot of this response was rambling:0 I do apologise for that!
      I will also be working in Japan as of next year. I think it will give me a good opportunity to both further my career and (more relevant to this conversation) see for myself the type of climate you have described and whether it gels together with the reality I eventually face.

    6. While I don't intend to change my preferences, or "self-discrimination", if you want to call it that, I do agree that Black women come in different forms just as Northeast Asian women do. If you want to go for various types of women, then wonderful. I am going to go for what my tastes direct me towards.

      Best of luck in Japan. I hope that you reach and exceed the goals which you set for yourself, provided, of course, that they do not interfere with my own.


  5. I don't believe you really like these women. If you did, you'd be out there hustling instead of complaining. Don't let these white knights who say that x women don't like black men on the internet discourage you.

    1. Actually, I am. I am more focused on building up additional streams of income and improving my writing skills at the moment. I'm returning to China next year under the assumption that I will be banging at least a half dozen women within my first quarter there. We'll see.

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  7. "I like what I like, unfortunately, she does too and it ain't me."

    That is the WEAKEST shit I have ever heard from a MALE. Now you guys know how black women feel when you leave them and worship other races of women. So what if Asian women won't date you? they don't have to if they don't want to stop being desperate dude.